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Monday, February 01, 2010

Movie Madness Monday 141: Redundancy over and over edition

Welcome to February, MMMers! The doldrums of sunlight deprivation have becalmed what little mental capacity I may have once had, and I long for warmth and bright blue skies.
So put your quotes from this movie in the comment section!

"What if there were no tomorrow?"

"For your information, Hairdo, there is a major network interested in me."

"Somebody asked me today, 'Phil, if you could be anywhere, where would you like to be?' I said to him, 'Probably right here.' Elko, Nevada. Our nation's high at 79 today. In California, they'll have warm weather tomorrow... gang wars and some very overpriced real estate. Up in the Pacific Northwest, they'll have some very tall trees."

"People like blood sausage too. People are morons."

"Did you sleep okay without me? You tossed and turned, didn't you?"
(Disgusted) "You're incredible."
"Who told you?"

"This is pitiful. A thousand people freezing their butts off waiting to worship a rat. What a hype."

"Okay, campers, rise and shine. Don't forget your booties because it's COLD out there today!"
"It's COLD out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?"

"I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. THAT was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get THAT day?"

"Three hundred and thirty-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents!"

"You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's gonna last you for the rest... of... your... life."

****Weekend Update: If you had one day to live over again, would you eventually become a better person? That's the question in


This movie while hilarious while actually very deep philosophically. And who could not love Andie McDowell?

Thanks for playing!

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At 2/1/10, 10:05 AM, Blogger wisconsinscienceteacher said...

Don't drive angry, don't drive angry...

At 2/1/10, 10:06 AM, Anonymous Exurban Mom said...

Don't drive angry. Don't drive angry!

At 2/1/10, 10:06 AM, Anonymous Exurban Mom said...

Ha! Great minds think alike...

At 2/2/10, 1:15 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Okay, campers, rise and shine! And don't forget your booties 'cuz it's cold out there!

At 2/2/10, 7:55 PM, Blogger MattF said...

Chance of departure.....80 percent?

At 2/2/10, 10:23 PM, Blogger jmeiklejohn said...

Not bad... Mr. Connors, you say this is your first lesson?
Yes, but my father was a piano *mover*, so...

At 2/3/10, 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 2/7/10, 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, hey! Now, don't you tell me you don't remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you.


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