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Monday, February 08, 2010

Movie Madness Monday 142: Great White Way edition

Welcome back to Monday, which means it's time for Movie Madness Monday, the movie quote trivia game. I provide you with some starter quotes from a movie, and you provide your own quotes in the comments section. I reveal the name of the movie on the weekend. Okay?

"Unhappy... unhappy... So unhappy...."
"Very very very very very very very..."

"I'm not going to the toilet, I'm going to showbiz!"

"Where did we go right? Gimme those books Fat, fat, fatty! Gimme those books! Fat, fat, fatty! Books, fat! Books, fat! Books, fat! Books, fat! Lousy fruit- Kill the actors You ever eat with one? Then you ran to Rio And you're safely out of reach, I'm behind these bars you're banging Ulla on the beach! Just like Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus, Who'd think an accountant would turn out to be my Judas! I'm so dismayed, is this how I'm repaid? To be... Betrayed! BETRAYED!"

"Settle down, you teutonic TWIT!"

"Do I smell the revolting stench of self-esteem?"

"Springtime for Hitler!"

**** Weekend Update: I stumped you with the movie adaptation of a Broadway musical adaptation of a 1968 Mel Brooke movie, which just goes to show that Mel Brooks is a genius and that Broadway can at times get desperate:


Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane do a pretty good job of being Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel.

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At 2/9/10, 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a single taker?

Well, then..."Here's to failure."

At 2/9/10, 1:45 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm afraid I don't recognize this one at all. I'll look forward to the weekend when you reveal the answer, I guess.

At 2/9/10, 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think Mel Brooks.

At 2/18/10, 1:15 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Aha. I think I'll have to put this into my Netflix list.

At 2/18/10, 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I missed this one!

My blue blanket!

The Kraut? He's on the roof with his boids. His dirty, disgusting, filthy boids.

That's right baby, if you've got it, flaunt it.

...the wrong script, the wrong producer, the wrong actors, where did we go right?


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