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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Karma chameleon edition

1. Charter Cable goes bankrupt. Yes, finally, the end of an alleged television provider that doesn't actually provide television service except when druids are dancing at Stonehenge-- no offense intended to any neo-Pagans out there.

2. Roland Burris didn't really mean that he told the "whole truth" before getting his senate seat, just the part of the whole truth that wouldn't peel the crazed leech of ambition off his moral compass.

3. A-Rod was stupid. We get that. But not so stupid that he's going to give back a quarter billion bucks. So I don't think the stupidity defense really works. But the "cojones the size of marbles" thing now has some real traction on the credibility scale.

4. Even Argentina doesn't want Richard Williamson, ersatz bishop of the Catholic Church.

5. What the hell is the point of the SEC? I hope our new president gives that some thought. But Texas billionaires do not blend into the scenery.

6. And on the same subject, how do you get people not to think about what they are doing? By making them feel like they're part of an exclusive club if they don't let you rob them blind.

7. Stop me if you've heard this one before... corrupt CEO misappropriates funds. But when you hurt my friends, jocko, you've hurt me. Rot in prison.

8. So much about this is wrong.

9. That would be an ippon, I believe. Thieves beware.

10. If you don't say thanks, I'll bash you with a golf club.

11. Sagging finally trips up tha thug life.

12. A tiger in the tank? Perhaps you meant "Panama Red."

13. Wow. The mortgage crisis means you can't even keep your cave.



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