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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tunesday 6: Theresa Andersson

Theresa Andersson, Hummingbird, Go!

I first heard this talented artist on NPR, as she was being interviewed about this album. Theresa Andersson is a multi-instrumentalist who provides nearly all of the sounds on this album herself, with the help of two looping machines. She also utilizes samples from great artists, especially those from New Orleans, where she has lived since 1990 since moving from Sweden. In concert, every performance of each song is different, since she starts over from scratch each night. Just watching her keep it all straight makes me feel like a complete klutz.

There are a range of emotions covered in just thirteen songs. From the meditative "God's Highway" to the intense Swedish "Innan du Gar" and the soulful "Now I Know" to the whimsical "Japanese Art" there is absolutely no telling where she is going next, but it's all an original, fantastic ride.

Here's how she does it:

Try Theresa Andersson, and put another knife into the black heart of modern commercial radio.

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At 2/17/09, 8:08 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Wow! She's got a set of lungs on her, huh?

This reminded me of very early K.T. Tunstall; she was able to accompany herself with practically full orchestration, too. It's cool.

At 2/17/09, 9:48 PM, Blogger Lking4truth said...


At 2/18/09, 6:29 AM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

That's some band she's got there.

At 2/22/09, 10:29 PM, Anonymous Laurie B said...

Like this. Glad I'm not her neighbor.


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