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Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Madness Monday 120: Dream of doing nothing edition

So if you read the above post, you know what the movie is. What were your favorite quotes from this classic?

Here are some of mine to get the juices flowing:

"How dare you judge me? I mean what are you? You think you're some kind of, like, angel here? No, you're just this penny-stealing... wanna-be criminal... man."

"Well, at least your name isn't Michael Bolton."
"You know, there's nothing wrong with that name."
"There was nothing wrong with it... until I was about 12 years old and that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys."
" Hmm... well, why don't you just go by 'Mike' instead of 'Michael?'"
"No way! Why should I change? He's the one who sucks!"

"I wanna take you out to dinner, and then I wanna go back to my apartment and watch 'Kung Fu'. Do you ever watch 'Kung Fu'?"

"Peter, you're in deep shit. You were supposed to come in on Saturday. What were you doing?"
"Michael, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be."

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At 6/16/08, 8:49 PM, Blogger 40 said...

Gawd, I love that movie! I worked in the tech industry for 6 years... so I feel their pain.

I just love the whole stapler deal. The muttering under his breath. Every company (and every school) has a person like that. :)

At 6/17/08, 8:08 AM, Anonymous bev said...

This movie is our Father's Day tradition. Why? Because it was a gift from me to my husband on a Father's Day not too long after he bailed on the Major Defense Contractor to be a Minor Historic Rehab Contractor.

We just watched it together Sunday.

And every office has a disgusting "Drew:" "I'll be showin' her my 'oh' face...oh, oh, oh..."

At 6/17/08, 7:56 PM, Anonymous yo miss!, formerly in bushwick said...

"Lawrence, you ever come into work on a Monday, you're not feeling too great, and somebody comes up to you and says, 'Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays'?"

**long pause**

"No. No. Shit, no. I believe you get your ass kicked saying something like that."


"...There were large grains of salt on the glass! Big grains of salt!"

At 6/17/08, 9:54 PM, Blogger Mister Teacher said...

"I wouldn't exactly say I was MISSING work, Bob."

Something about not having enough flair...

"PC Load letter?? What the F@%! does THAT mean??"

On a side note, am I the only one who was quite a bit disappointed by the latest Indy movie?

At 6/21/08, 8:07 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

One of my favorite movies, maybe because I did the 15 year corporate garbage before I got into teaching. Believe me, dealing with 12 year olds who are ignorant is a lot better than dealing with a 35-year old MBA who can't find his way to the men's room without a map. At least the 12 year old has somewhat of an excuse.

And I totally need a red stapler.


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