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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

This is not a political pawn. This is someone's child. This is our brother or sister.

This is someone who has given an entire universe of tomorrows in service to us.

Our country is us.

This person has died for us- and for what we have allowed our government to do.

"No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends."- John 15:13.

And we can show no greater honor than to demand that no one else dies in vain.

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At 5/26/08, 6:23 PM, Blogger Cathy said...


At 5/27/08, 4:26 PM, Blogger Mrs. T said...

Well said.

At 5/27/08, 5:37 PM, Blogger Fred said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

At 5/28/08, 6:06 PM, Blogger CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thank you for these words, Ms. Cornelius.

At 5/30/08, 5:06 PM, Anonymous Miller Smith said...


650,000 good people put in ditchs by Saddam and you call this vain? Still finding mass graves.

We have our freedom, so I guess you don't care about theirs.

Won't be counting on you to be a fellow citizen.

At 6/4/08, 10:09 AM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Oooh, Miller! Name-calling! I am SO glad you are NOT the arbiter of what is and is not citizenship, since you apparently do not understand what it means.

Citizenship is not blind obedience to wrong actions, or silence in the face of wrong. That is how Iraq got Saddam Hussein in the first place.

Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant. But while he was putting 650,000 people in ditches (that's with an "e", Miller), he was actually being supported by OUR government during the Iran-Iraq War. While he was fighting Iran, our government did not care how many people he put in ditches.

In other words, Miller, we have given aid and comfort to many evil tyrants when it has suited us, and Saddam Hussein was one of these. And don't even start me about how, as part of Desert Storm, we encouraged the Kurds and the Shiites to rise up against Saddam Hussein in 1991, and then pulled out and allowed him to gas women and children -- and not even put them in ditches, but left them strewn about their massacred towns as a warning to others.

We currently maintain diplomatic relations that are quite warm with the country that was home to 17 of the 19 hijackers on September 11 (remember that one? That was supposedly WHY we engaged in the GWOT in the first place?)-- Saudi Arabia, whose schools and mosques demonize America at every opportunity. Yet our president holds hands with and kisses the cheeks of the monarchy of this country. When he's not begging them to increase oil production and being refused, that is. If you want to be simplistic, Miller, the Saudis fund more terror than Saddam Hussein ever did-- they've got more resources. They tyrannize their people, too. Including half the population known as women.

Freedom is not free, Miller. And no matter how long OUR troops are in Iraq, eventually the people living there are going to have to take responsibility for maintaining what you claim we are trying to give them. What do you think is going to happen when we stop paying off the various militias to not kill each other?

I've said this before--Iraq cannot exist without either a tyrant oppressing huge masses of the population or a foreign army doing the heavy lifting because it is not a unified entity. Eventually, another tyrant will take over, or it will be Balkanized and split among various factions. The Kurds, if they gain access to oil revenues, will then be attacked (as they already have been by Turkey) because Syria, Iran, and Turkey have their own restive Kurdish populations whom they do not want to rally to the cause of Kurdish autonomy.

If the Shiites then gain autonomy in the south, they will serve to increase the power of Iran and extend its geographic reach toward the Mediterranean and link to the terrorists Iran funds in Lebanon. Saudi Arabia probably won't stand for that, and we may get another war. And as a selfish aside, it's pretty hard to get oil our of a war zone, Miller.

And my refusal to support this war has nothing to do with supporting our troops. They are not pawns. They are people-- people who have obeyed orders and given their all! Why does our government downplay the number of serious head injuries suffered by exposure to IED explosions, refuse to adequately measure, much less treat, the serious psychological trauma done to our returning heroes and heroines, deliberately underreport the number of suicides of troops, and refuse to replace World War II era housing and medical facilities at bases to which they return here in America?

How many people who trumpet "support our troops" in Congress voted against expanding the Montgomery GI Bill for our veterans?

Because, for them, "support our troops" is a code word for "give me money with no questions asked, and I will use up these men and women and discard them when they no longer serve our purpose." How evil! How vile!


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