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Monday, June 02, 2008

Movie Madness Monday 118: gopher edition

Welcome to Movie Madness Monday, the movie quote trivia game. For this week, we revisit a classic.

(I have fought with blogger all day today to get this thing on.) This gives you a hint about what I'd like to do all summer-- even thought I won't get to. Put your quotes in the comments section!

"A flute without holes, is not a flute. A doughnut without a hole, is a Danish."

"He called me a baboon-- he thinks I'm his wife."

"Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball. You're not being the ball, Danny."
"It's hard when you're talking like that."

"Bless this ship, and all who sail on her! I christen thee 'The Flying WASP'."

"I smell varmint poontang. And the only good varmint poontang is dead varmint poontang, I think."

Hit it (hee!)



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At 6/2/08, 8:45 PM, Blogger Mr. C said...

"Big hitter, the Lama."
"Oh, there's no money, but on your deathbed, you will achieve total consciousness. SO I got that going for me, which is nice."
Caddyshack rocks!

At 6/3/08, 5:56 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

Classic! Wish hubby was home from work as he could probably give you a zillion lines from this...

"It's in the hole! It's in the hole!"

At 6/4/08, 8:05 PM, Blogger Mister Teacher said...

Cinderella story...Tears in his eyes, I guess...



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