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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Misplaced priorities about education goes Dutch

Ha. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry:
Dutch parents sneaking their children off on holiday two days before the official close of school were chided at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport Thursday in a sting by "compulsory education officials."

Ten officials from the municipalities of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer "addressed" 80 families at the airport in the morning, said a statement.

From questioning during the "public friendly action," it transpired that half the parents had failed to obtain school permission to leave early.

After a dressing down, they were allowed to continue on their way, and no fines were issued.

"The goal of the action was awareness and information," said the statement.

It stressed that the law allowed children to skip school only for very important reasons. Of the parents questioned Thursday, half said they were motivated by cheaper air tickets.

THAT must have been an interesting sight for the other travelers in the airport.... Although, it seems like the sting had no real "sting" involved, since all they had to endure was an "address."

Makes me despair, it does.

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