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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gimme a "P" for "percolator!"

This is another reason why one should not drink coffee in school. From Muncie, IN:
An eighth-grader faces expulsion after admitting he put urine in a teacher's coffee pot, officials said. The Wilson Middle School teacher noticed that the coffee had an unusual odor Friday and reported it to the principal, Muncie Community Schools officials said. A student who overheard classmates discussing it also reported the incident to officials.

Urine was found in the locker of the eighth-grade boy, who admitted to putting some in the coffee, authorities said.

The eighth-grader has been suspended pending a recommendation for expulsion, said Assistant Superintendent Steve Edwards.

"This type of student behavior will not be tolerated," Wilson principal DiLynn Phelps and Superintendent Marlin B. Creasy wrote in a letter to parents. "No student will be permitted to deliberately attempt to cause bodily harm to any other student, teacher or staff member."

All together now: Ewwwwwwwww.



At 3/20/07, 7:46 PM, Blogger Peter A. Stinson said...

Reminds me of a time when I was serving at a Coast Guard small boat station on the Great Lakes. It was summer & hot & we'd been underway for a couple of hours. A couple of the crew, myself included, had brought sodas, or, as known in Michigan, pop.

Anyway, one of the guys went below to relieve himself; rather than using the head, which he'd have had to clean out when we returned to the station, he relieved himself in a glass. His plan was to dump it over the side (okay, likely against the law, but that's another story). So, he came up from below with the glass, the yellow liquid looking remarkably like Mountain Dew.

Another crewmember, known for mooching, saw the glass and reached for it to take a drink.

Within seconds he was at the aft of the boat, leaning over the rail, attempting to drink all of Lake Michigan in a futile attempt to get the taste of the "Mountain Dew" from his mouth.

At 3/20/07, 7:52 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Ohhhhh GROSS!

You know I love that story. I am SO lowbrow sometimes!

Sic semper moochers.

At 3/20/07, 8:03 PM, Blogger Mrs. T said...

I am so happy that the lid of my "to go" coffee mug is really hard to get off.
When I was teaching middle school, there was a bunch of hooligans who tried to spike another teacher's iced tea. Not with urine, though.
To go along with peter's story, when my father in law was hospitalized for an extended period of time, he would first horrify, then crack up the nurses by wheeling himself out to the nurse's station with a specimen cup full of apple juice and proclaim, "I'm just gonna run this through again." And then drink it.

At 3/21/07, 6:38 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

What is it with lil' fellers and pee? At the middle school in which I student taught, three seventh graders were suspended for throwing water bottles full of urine onto lockers. They said they were "marking the hall as theirs."

Ew, dude.

At 3/21/07, 6:42 AM, Blogger Marcy said...

I knew I was doing the right thing by keeping my beverages with me. I remember at my previous school, two of my colleagues thought my "paranoia" over the top. Would they think that now, in light of Ms. C's post? Hmmm. I wonder.


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