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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday hunger

A school district in Ohio is keeping its lunch lines open during the holiday break to make sure that needy students still have access to at least one hot meal a day during the week.
A school district in Ohio says the economy is so tight it has kept its cafeterias open during Christmas break to provide hot lunches for needy students.

It's the first time North College Hill School district outside Cincinnati has kept its lunch lines going through the holiday break.
Officials say two-thirds of the district's 1,600 students are economically disadvantaged, up from fewer than one in 10 a decade ago.

The national School Nutrition Association says almost 80 percent of the schools it surveyed are reporting an increase in the number of free lunches served this year.

What does it mean when our society has descended to this point? True, there are no doubt some of these students who could be fed if the adults in their lives made feeding their children a priority over their own entertainment-- and I am speaking as someone who knows personally people who do wrongheaded things like this consistently-- but kids should not suffer hunger as a consequence of the decisions of their parents.

In this time of giving, please don't forget to support your local food pantry as well.

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At 12/27/08, 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

San Angelo ISD in San Angelo Texas used to provide free lunches during the summer. I worked with a YMCA program that used the lunches to feed the campers. They even offered free lunches to the parents and YMCA employees.

I moved in 2001 and don't know if they are still doing it.

At 12/27/08, 4:53 PM, Blogger Becca said...

Here in OK our district keeps the lunches open during the summer. But I'm not sure about the holiday break... however, I suspect it is needed. I just wish the quality of the food was better. Here it's Sysco frozen low end food. But I guess some food is better than no food!


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