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Monday, December 08, 2008

In last week's Time magazine...

Who else thinks that all Michelle Rhee needs is a pointy hat to make that picture perfect on the front cover of the December 8 issue?

I sometimes imagine Michelle Rhee the superintendent going into the classroom of Michelle Rhee the first year teacher and then I see her firing herself. Just so she would be consistent. And of course, she could crack every one of her knuckles with her thumb while she does it--perhaps in another really professional see-through blouse. Yech. Pop on over using the link and take a look.

But seriously, poor teachers absolutely should be fired. Where I live, poor teachers CAN be fired. The problem is, so few administrators go to the trouble of documenting and then following through.

Too many students come to school each day intent on doing anything else but learn.

And too many administrators spent little to no time in the classroom, like some people we could mention in Time magazine, and have no idea what it takes to go it alone in a classroom for a career, teaching like one's hair is on fire.

Loving teaching and loving your students is not enough, not is all the content knowledge in the world if you don't know how to impart that knowledge and if you don't hold students to standards as part of that love for them.

But at least it's a start.

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At 12/8/08, 11:34 PM, Blogger ms-teacher said...

Two years of teaching does not make one an expert of teaching. I think the pointy hat would look perfect on Ms. Ree.

At 12/9/08, 6:12 AM, Blogger educat said...

But she was in Teach for America!! Where they've fixed all the problems and aren't like us nasty education major types!!

Pardon my snark, I have state testing today.

Gotta go teach for America, dagnabit...

At 12/13/08, 9:17 AM, Blogger Ms. George said...

It is actually quite scary that no one is really questioning this woman in circles other than ours, and the NYC teachers blogrolls...
She doesn't need the hat, for what she does and says is scary enough.


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