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Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Madness Monday 115: advanced placement edition

Ahhhh, spring-- the time of year when advanced placement tests are given all over the world, when students are looking for some magic quick-fix to make up for all the daydreaming they did so that they can still pull out a decent score. Every year I have some students who try to use this movie to make up for their deficits in knowledge.

It won't work, but that matters little.

So here is a classic that gives you a little taste of a lot of history. Put your quotes from this movie in the comments section.

"You have to do the best with what God gave you."

"I've worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I could remember my first pair of shoes."

"Say, man, show me that crazy little walk you just did there. Slow it down some."

"Now, the real good thing about meeting the President of the United States is the food."

"What's your sole purpose in this Army?"
"To do whatever you tell me, Drill Sergeant!"

****Weekly Update: Of course, this tour through the last half of the 20th Century has been brought to you by


Another tour de force from Tom Hanks, and Robin Wright was much deeper as Jenny than I expected. Then there was Gary Sinise and Sally Field. I could watch this one over and over. Oh, wait-- I have.

Annnd, go!

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At 5/12/08, 4:19 PM, Blogger Dr. Homeslice said...

First one!

Forest gump!

At 5/12/08, 4:36 PM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, are you KIDDING ME?! I LOVE this movie!

I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is.

Sometimes, I guess there's just not enough rocks.

Now, since it was all free, and I wasn't hungry but thirsty, I must've drank me fifteen Dr. Peppers.

LOVE it...

At 5/12/08, 9:30 PM, Blogger Mr. C said...

Lt. Dan! Lt. Dan!

Great movie!
And that's all I have to say about that.

At 5/13/08, 6:39 AM, Blogger Mrs. T said...

Not a quote because I suck at that, but on a related note, a friend of mine had a roomate who had a 3 legged cat named..... (wait for it.....) Lt. Dan! How funny is that?

At 5/13/08, 5:39 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I think that's perfect.

"That boy sure is a running fool!"

"Now, you listen to me. We all have a destiny. Nothing just happens, it's all part of a plan. I should have died out there with my men! But now, I'm nothing but a goddamned cripple! A legless freak. Look! Look! Look at me! Do you see that? Do you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs?"
"Well... Yes, sir, I do."

At 5/13/08, 6:13 PM, Blogger Fred said...

OK, let me go for the obvious:

"My Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates…. you never know what you’re gonna get."


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