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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The first thing we do, let's [muzzle] all the lawyers

So I go over to Coach Brown's and follow this link, and bam! I get a sharp pain right between my eyebrows.

Go read it. I'll wait.

Having had my usual complement of helicopter parents this year, including one that was an administrator in another building and one on the school board, this certainly resonates with me, and I'm sure with most of us who slog it out trying to educate young 'uns.

But this suing thing has just gotten crazy.

Man, that pain is getting stronger. Maybe I should sue.

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At 5/29/07, 5:49 PM, Blogger Dr. Homeslice said...

Wow, reading this has made me sooo angry.

At 5/29/07, 7:09 PM, Anonymous mrschili said...

Holy shit. Do I now need liability insurance as a teacher?

The article was written in 2002. I wonder how (if) things have changed?

At 5/29/07, 10:13 PM, Anonymous SciGuy said...

No surprise...
As a TX teacher I can attest that THE main reason to join one of the larger state teacher's associations is the liability insurance that comes with membership.

At 5/31/07, 1:23 PM, Blogger graycie said...

Several of our city's most affluent students were caught with alcohol in the parking lot at Prom this year. They were suspended and then the suspension was rescinded to ISS. Thsi meant that the athletes were able to play in the upcoming finals/regionals. etc. Guess what their fathers do for a living? Guess what happened to every other kid who ever got caught with alcohol at Prom? Yeah, makes me crazy, too.

At 5/31/07, 9:12 PM, Blogger Smithie said...

I once worked with a teacher who busted two students who, while they had a sub, hacked into her computer, printed and distributed the answer key to her final telling the sub "oh she always lets us do this"... The subsequent suspensions were lifted because nowhere in the teacher's syllabus did it say students were not allowed to use the answer key on the final. Neither of us work at the school any more.

At 6/2/07, 11:02 AM, Anonymous Atticus Fitch said...

Typical of a society that refuses to accept responsibility for action/inaction. If you fail, it's someone else's fault , if you have a car accident, it's the other drivers fault , cause injury or death during a crime then it's the victims fault ( often the victim can't speak for themselves ) . Then again , it seems people in the United States are sue happy , something I'm sure pleases lawyers to no end .


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