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Monday, May 28, 2007

Movie Madness Monday 67: We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches edition

For all my foreign friends who still pop by, let me explain that today is Memorial Day (originally called "Decoration Day"), the day in which we remember our military veterans, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country.

In honor of this day, I give you quotes from one of the classic films I like to watch on Memorial Day.

"This is the story of a squad of marines, a rifle squad."

"Stryker knows his business."
"So did Jack the Ripper."

"I've been thinking, why do men get married during a war?"
"Don't know."
"It's the worst time."
"I fooled around but I never thought about marriage. I know a lot of girls back in the States but... I think it's because when you get out here you're close to things. You realise way down inside, no matter how much you try not to think about it, that maybe something's got your number on... and you want to leave a bit of yourself behind. Doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, just so long as you won't be forgotten. There'll be someone who'd never have lived if it hadn't been for you. Am I right?"

"That's war."
"What's war?"
"Trading real estate for men."

"How old are you?"
"How old?"
"Well, eighteen... going on eighteen."
"We heard that the squad leader's tough."
"There are rumours to that effect."
"Tough sergeants roll off my knife!"
"You're gonna find your first few days with Sergeant Stryker very interesting."

"All right, saddle up."

****Weekend Update: Saddle up, pilgrims! John Wayne and his men are going to take


I love John Wayne! I love this movie!



At 5/28/07, 9:50 PM, Blogger CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I've never played along with your Movie Madness, mostly because I'm not that conversant with flicks. But I'm dying to know how you get all these excerpts of dialogue. Do you remember them? Or do you have a private amanuensis who transcribes them for you?

At 5/29/07, 7:28 AM, Anonymous pedantic peasant said...

Ms. Cornelius:

I love your blog and your movie quotes -- although I rarley get the references.

There is a quote there this time, however, I want to take for my own "Quotes of the Day" board in my classroom.

When you get a chance later, could you please post the title and date of the film [I may be looking in the wrong place, but I haven't seen these revealed in the past.

Many thanks,

pedantic peasant

At 5/29/07, 3:58 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Dear CTG:

I remember most of them, but to make sure I get 'em correct, I either watch the movie again-- or I look up the script.

Dear PP: I always post the name of the movie and a picture from it by the following weekend-- usually Saturday. You just need to scroll down to see the updated post.

At 5/29/07, 4:58 PM, Anonymous pedantic peasant said...

Ah, much is now made clear.


pedantic peasant

At 6/1/07, 2:25 PM, Blogger The Old Man said...

"Sergeant Stryker was teaching me a judo throw, sir"
"Is that right?"
"Yes, sir."


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