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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You a parent of teens too? Then read this....

I love Dooce. I even love Dooce when she has a guest poster. Sarah of que sera sera wrote a absolutely perfect and hilarious post of fights she had with her mother.

Here is the post, entitled "Mom v. Me."

Here is Sarah's regular gig.

Since in my house "mother" is just an emoticon that means "embarrassing frump who's ruining my life forever and ever and can I have 400 dollars worth of clothes if I pick up five dog hairs from the floor as a sort of swipe at these outrageous insane demands you make upon my precious Facebook time known as chores," this post resonated with me. And made me laugh. Which I needed. As well as a stiff Irish whiskey.

Go! Read! Laugh!

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At 7/21/10, 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kids are grown and on their own. Some days still call for a touch of Jameson's and a cube or two of ice.

At 7/22/10, 6:50 AM, Anonymous bev said...

As I always say to my 14 year old: "Why when I was your age I...uhhh...wait...never mind."


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