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Saturday, September 27, 2008

When the legends die, the stories live on

Legendary actor and philanthropist Paul Newman passed away today at the age of 83.

Mr. Newman's career spanned six decades, and the roles for which he will be long remembered are seminal antiheroes in drama and comedy, such as John Rooney in The Road to Perdition, Henry Gondorff in The Sting, the title role in Cool Hand Luke, and Brick Pollitt in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Besides his work in film and on stage, his food company, Newman's Own, has donated over 200 million dollars to various charities, since its founding in 1982. 

He was a beautiful man, inside and out. Rest in peace, Paul.



At 9/27/08, 5:27 PM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Godspeed, Mr. Newman, and may there be comfort and solace for your wife.

At 9/28/08, 7:03 PM, Blogger Fred said...

An American classic.


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