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Monday, September 22, 2008

Movie Madness Monday 127: what not to wear edition

Movie Madness Monday comes back atcha with a film I thought I would have absolutely no interest in whatsoever,being a girl who is much more comfy in jeans, sardonic t-shirt, and running shoes, but, then again, you just never know.

So put your quotes in the comments section!

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

"You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choos-- I saw it."

"Don't make me feed you to one of the models."

"Je suis tres, tres desole...."
"You're not that desole at all."

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

And go. And try not to look in a three way mirror while you do it.

And was Anne ever so cute as in this one, where she is tormented by the knowledge that


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At 9/22/08, 5:36 AM, Blogger cupcake said...

The details of your incompetence do not interest me.

At 9/22/08, 6:01 PM, Blogger Fred said...

"All right, everyone! Gird your loins!"

"A little Crisco and some fishing wire and we'll be in business."

At 9/22/08, 6:56 PM, Anonymous yo miss!, formerly in bushwick said...

Thaaaaat's all.

At 9/26/08, 9:41 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

I had to go to IMDB to figure this one out. I haven't actually seen it. Thanks for you Movie Madness Mondays, though. I always enjoy them (even though I'm generally terrible at them).


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