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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Far Out! In which I get a surprise from Oklahoma...

I've been nominated for an OkieBlogger award! For those of you who ARE OkieBloggers, go vote for your favorites! For those of you who aren't OkieBloggers, go read these anyway! For those of you who are Texas Longhorn fans, go hang your head in shame! If you're from Arkansas, I'm so sorry you can't read this.

Here are all the nominees:
Best Overall Blog
An Audience of One - BatesLine - Cutting to the Chase - Daily Bitch - dustbury
Erudite Redneck,B.S.,B.S., M.A. - Gleeson Bloglomerate - Rocks in my Dryer - Taste the World

Best Political Blog
BatesLine - Existential Ramble - JMBzine - Left End of the Dial - Life and Deatherage - MeeCiteeWurkor - Okie Funk - Oklahoma Political News Service - Practical Progressive - Roemerman on Record

Best Family Blog
But I digress... - Dan and Angi Have Something to Say - Danz Family - feebeeglee - Happy Homemaker - Life is a state of mind - Rocks in my Dryer - Redneck Diva - Sleeping Mommy - What Makes A Housewife Desperate?

Best Humor Blog
Daily Bitch - dirty ashtray - Don't Try This At Home - Friday Playdate - Joel - Redneck Diva - Rocks in my Dryer - Sean Gleeson - Welcome to Pantsylvania - Will Blog for Guinness

Best Audio Blog
Elmo Cast - Sawed-off Soundtracks - Our Tulsa World - Passionate America - The Bart and Cindy Podcast Show - Daily Bitch - The WynnCast - Ugly Girls Club

Best Blog Layout
111 Brad Street - Agent Bedhead - Daily Bitch - Endless Nameless - Euphoric Reality - Gleeson Bloglomerate - Incurable Insomniac - Smosey - Taste the World - Tulsa Topics

Best Unusual Blog
3:40 a.m. - Bonnie, Baylor and Duchess - CycleDog - Matching Dragoons - My Oklahoma Life
OklaCookiemaker Quilts - phalapatate - Program Witch Pages - SewChic - The Mist

Best Writing Blog
51313 Harbor Street - An Audience of One - Cutting to the Chase - Daily Bitch - dustbury - Fits & Starts - Glass Rose Petals - McCarty Musings - pith, marrow, and coffee spoons - Route 66 News

Best Culture Blog
A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance - AKA Mike Horshead - Blog Oklahoma.us - Doug Dawgs Blog -Incurable Insomniac - Library Stories - Lip Schtick - Lost Tulsa - Sister Scorpion - Written World

Best Commentary
Catholic Ragemonkey - Mainstream Baptist - No Blog of Significance - Okie Funk - Our Tulsa World - SHREWDNESS OF APES - Streak's Blog - T Town Tommy - Two-Headed Blog - WynnBlog

Best Inspirational Blog
An Audience of One - Anabaptist Monk - Catholic Ragemonkey - Counseling Notes - CowPi Journal - Existential Ramble - Mainstream Baptist - No Blog of Significance - The Pub - Tom's Thoughts

Best Commercial Blog
DoubleShot Coffee Company - ITLnet Blog - LOOK@OKC - Oklahoma Wine News - Phil and Drew (and Kaci too) - Staticblog

There are some great blogs on this list-- and others who aren't. I am glad they let involuntary ex-pats like me in. Check out some of these-- you'll thank me!


At 9/11/06, 9:20 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Seems rather unfair that we can't stuff the ballot box from out of state. :-)

Congratulations on the nomination and good luck with the voting.

At 9/11/06, 5:28 PM, Blogger Ms. George said...

I second the motion for the secretive stuffing of ballots. Oh no! Does that make me a Member-of-an-Organized Political-Party-Who-Shall-Remain Nameless?
Congrats on the nomination!

At 9/11/06, 6:39 PM, Blogger elementaryhistoryteacher said...


At 9/11/06, 10:26 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Thanks, kids.
And Ms George, I have NO IDEE what you're talking about.... :-P

At 9/12/06, 5:22 PM, Anonymous nyceducator said...

Well, ys'd have my vote, if I were eligible.


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