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Friday, September 01, 2006

Good grief-- I LOVE that Nigerian spam!

Heheheh! Three crazy emails in one day! May peace be upon these freaks:

"From MacBruno Micar

Dear Sir,

We have in our possession 48 Million Barrels of Crude Oil Bonny for Sale. Payment for this Product will be after Delivery. No upfront Payment. This business is very urgent and we will be making a profit of $100.00 {One Hundred Dollars} in every Barrel delivered.

You should try to make urgent enquiry from Petroleum Dealers and get back to me with Details of any Interested Buyer. The origin of the Crude Oil is Nigerian National Petroleum Coporation. I will send you the {SPA} Sales and Purchase Agreement once I receive your Positive response. Finally the method of shipment can be 4Million Barrels every month.

Sincerely Yours,

MacBruno Micar."

So, Ms. Cornelius is turning up her nose at the chance to be a gazillionaire.

In the words of the great, lamented Graham Chapman:



At 1/6/07, 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do what I do have fun with these folks, I say something like this,

I am an old woman and now praise jesus for this great news. I will help you as I will be needing more retirement money. Please call me at _______________ - and then I give them a phone number of a spammer.

there are so many a-holes in the world - we have to set them on each other

eric krieg


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