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Monday, July 03, 2006

Movie Madness Monday: episode 20

Well, as we luxuriate in the fact that finally ALL of us in the Edusphere are on summer break, except for those poor souls shepherding summer school scholars, it's time to relax. Hence, Movie Madness Monday! Here is the basic outline: each Monday I will pick a movie and list a few of my favorite quotes. You then stop your damn lurking and contribute a quote of your own, from the same movie, if possible. I will not tell you the name of the movie until Wednesday. So here we go:

"I came to understand that there had been abuse in my family... but it was mostly musical in nature."

"What is it you do, Leonard? For work?"
"Oh, for work. I'm in the bladder management industry."

"I think I'm on record as Mr. Anti-Dickey."

"Thank God for the model trains, you know? If they didn't have the model trains they wouldn't have gotten the idea for the big trains."

"I had a hit that you might have heard of-- "Hudelagin Hidda Gomin"-- which means "How's It Hangin', Grandma?"

"We are Winc- W I N C: Witches in Nature's Colors."

"We don't want people to reach for their remotes, here."
"But it's public television..."
"Yeah, they don't HAVE remotes."

"Every 13.5 seconds a new incontinent is born, as it were. People like you and I have what they call "leakage problems." They can be running, playing tennis, laughing, sneezing, anything. I mean, the good old constipation, you know. You have impacted fecal mass in your rectum, you find that pushing on your bladder..."
"You know, this might make good dessert talk."

****Wednesday Update: This week we return to the beloved mockumentary format in
A Mighty Wind

the thrilling behind-the-scenes close-up of the break-ups, heartbreaks in the real counter-cultural world of Folk Music, from the geniuses who brought us This Is Spinal Tap. And that means, Janet, that you have a trip to the video store in your future. The tough thing about this movie is that there is so much visual humor as well. If you haven't popped this one in the DVD for a while, now you have an excuse.

And now, just for Mr. Lawrence:
The famous Mitch and Mickey, whose reunion was so celebrated if abbreviated.


At 7/3/06, 11:57 AM, Blogger Mamacita said...

One of my very favorites, film four of the incredible mockumentary series! Geniuses, every one. GENIUSES.

"Is there a cockfight arena near here?"

At 7/3/06, 1:28 PM, Anonymous MellowOut said...

"Iron clad rule, Alan: nonny before ninny."

Not my favorite one, but it does have one of the more touching moments in a mockumentary. however, I will always prefer the one with this quote: "And to think, in some countries these dogs would be eaten."

At 7/3/06, 2:54 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

"When I was twelve, I formed the JCPL, the Jewish Children' Polo League. We played on Shetland ponies."

At 7/3/06, 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one thing to add to this, and it isn't a quote but a declaration: Eugene Levy is a Treasure. I could watch him read the phone book.

At 7/3/06, 8:18 PM, Blogger Darius said...

Just sounds sort of like the regular conversation of Americans around our kitchen tables.

At 7/3/06, 9:40 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Wow. I obviously have not seen this movie as these quotes are pretty particular. It's hard to stop me in the obscure department. Impressive.:)

At 7/4/06, 12:57 AM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Mr. Lawrence-- I agree. He is always "in the moment."

Darius- Ewwwwww. :-0

Janet-- You have GOT to see this one!

At 7/4/06, 1:22 AM, Anonymous MellowOut said...

Mr. Lawrence,

I would rather watch him read the phone book than sit through "The Man" again.

"To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very nowtro, if you will."

At 7/4/06, 3:07 PM, Anonymous Marcia said...

Just thinking of this film is enough to make me laugh out loud. I can't remember the exact quote and am resisting trying to cheat on google but the moment I am thinking of goes vaguely like:

"this candle represents the colours....and also a penis."

There is also that classic "can you put cardboard banjo next to a real street lamp?" A paraphrase again, I'm sorry but should be close enough to get the gist.

At 7/5/06, 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mellowout: I saw the trailer for "The Man" and cringed. Thanks for verifying what I had originally feared.

(Also, the straight-to-DVD "American Pie 4" - or whatever number they're up to - looks pretty awful too. Guess the guy just needs some more money.)


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