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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Too Good to Make Up: How does Mexico treat its LEGAL immigrants?

Hmmm, I guess when your economy is in the crapper, you export all the possible malcontents somehwere where they can send hard currency back home and then practice a little hypocricy:
Even as Mexico presses the United States to grant unrestricted citizenship to millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, its officials at times calling U.S. policies "xenophobic," Mexico places daunting limitations on anyone born outside its territory.

In the United States, only two posts — the presidency and vice presidency — are reserved for the native born.

In Mexico, non-natives are banned from those and thousands of other jobs, even if they are legal, naturalized citizens.

Foreign-born Mexicans can't hold seats in either house of the congress. They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court and all governorships. Many states ban foreign-born Mexicans from spots on town councils. And Mexico's Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for "native-born Mexicans."

Recently the Mexican government has gone even further. Since at least 2003, it has encouraged cities to ban non-natives from such local jobs as firefighters, police and judges.

Mexico's Interior Department — which recommended the bans as part of "model" city statutes it distributed to local officials — could cite no basis for extending the bans to local posts.

After being contacted by The Associated Press about the issue, officials changed the wording in two statutes to delete the "native-born" requirements, although they said the modifications had nothing to do with AP's inquiries.

... Some say progress is being made. Mexico's president no longer is required to be at least a second-generation native-born. That law was changed in 1999 to clear the way for candidates who have one foreign-born parent, like President Vicente Fox, whose mother is from Spain.

Fascinating. Let's bring this up if Mexico ever gets around to filing its lawsuit against the fencing that is proposed to go up at key spots on the border.


At 6/3/06, 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that you are able to sum up the entire Mexican country, government and its alleged corruptions within a few paragraphs. Stick to writing about something you know about, such as Joni Mitchell.

At 6/5/06, 9:34 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Did I say something that was untrue?

Perhaps the article in Time magazine last week regarding Mexico's southern border escaped your notice.

Or perhaps you are trying to say that Mexico's government is NOT corrupt?

Right. Its failure to meet the minimum needs of its people is evinced by the people voting with their feet to leave its jurisdiction, legally or illegally.


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