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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CARNIVAL with a Lone Star Spin: Carnival of Education # (70-1)

Go check out the Carnival of Education over at Education in Texas. This week has quite a few thought-provoking entries, such as the return of Fred, at long long last,
my bete noir, field trips, and then there are several posts about freedom of speech, fear, and the internet.

See, this way you get to visit Texas without actually going there-- it's perfect! (snicker!)


At 6/1/06, 7:58 AM, Blogger Mike in Texas said...

HEY! You just insulted my homestate, I think.

Did I forget to mention that everything is bigger in Texas? (snicker, snicker, chortle)

At 6/1/06, 11:52 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Yes, Fred lurks again! Muhawwwww!

At 6/1/06, 2:07 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Mike, see, I'm from Oklahoma-- which means that we Okies are allowed to tease y'all, but if anybody from some other part of the country starts in-- look out! Kinda like a sibling relationship. Still rooted for the Longhorns over USC, though.

Freddie, you actually commented, so technically it's not lurking. But we want to know what you've been up to!


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