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Friday, February 24, 2006

HaloScan scare

Wow, I just flirted with Haloscan commenting... and was APPALLED to find out afterward that all my comments disappeared!!!!! Hey Haloscan, a little warning ahead of time would have been nice. I do appreciate the fact that you provided a backup so I could-- hopefully-- fix it.

But about making my comments disappear? No. Freakin'. Way.

If anyone knows a way around this, I'll try again. But for now, forget it.



At 2/24/06, 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happened to me, too. Then I realized: leave the technical stuff to the technically inclined, you know? If I knew more about computers, I'd work in IT and make triple what I make now. ;-)

At 2/24/06, 9:55 PM, Blogger kontan said...

there was a back up??? ooooeeee, I forgot about that.

yeah, a little warning would have been nice.

You can leave your blogger comments html in there. Just don't delete it. I just tried it with mine...don't think it looks awesome...but it is there. take a look sometime.

At 2/24/06, 11:07 PM, Blogger The MAN Fan Club said...

All the ones I had before adding haloscan disappeared, but now they stay so......???????

At 2/25/06, 6:19 PM, Anonymous Jess, the Computer Diva said...

*ahem* Mr. Lawrence...not all of us who work in IT make mad money :)

Ms. C, this happens because the text of your current comments "lives" on Blogger's system, and Blogger hasn't given HaloScan access to read that information. Any comments going forward are stored with HaloScan, but this is the bane of the blogger existence--when I moved from Blogger to TypePad I lost all my comments too.

From the HaloScan website:
"Blogger comments:
The auto-install DOES NOT delete or lose any comments left using the Blogger commenting system, but you won't be able to access those comments through HaloScan.

Unfortunately HaloScan cannot read the Blogger system to access any of the comments left using the Blogger commenting system. You should be aware of this before installing HaloScan.

Blogger does not offer a way to backup or export comments, if you want to move comments from the Blogger system to HaloScan it is currently a manual cut and paste task."

You could edit your template to have two links for comments--one to Blogger and one to HaloScan. It's odd, and you'll have people leaving comments in two places, but it's a way around the problem.

At 2/26/06, 11:13 AM, Blogger Pigs said...

What they told me was that they're all still there, but they don't show unless you get rid of Haloscan. They can't work simultaneously or something. I dunno. I had to get over losing comments too. It was scary.

At 2/26/06, 8:49 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Dear Jess, Computer Diva,

Can you explain how to do this? In small syllables for someone who used to be tech-geeky in a macintosh kind of way but then who had three children and got left behind?


At 2/27/06, 3:44 PM, Anonymous Jess again said...

Ask, and ye shall receive...

Part I: Get HaloScan Code
From the HaloScan home page, go to the "Get Started" area (in the lower right hand corner of the window). Click on "Follow the two-step instructions" and log in when prompted.

In the dialog box to select your blog type, choose "Blogger (or Blogspot)" Leave everything else as-is (unless you don't want trackbacks; in that case, uncheck that box) and click Next--don't use the automated install. Leave this window up.

Part II: Paste into Blogger template
Get into your blog template and find the "head" tag. It should be near the top and will probably be just after the "html xmlns" stuff.

Copy the entire contents of the "Step 1" box from the HaloScan page and paste it directly below the "head" tag in your blog.

Now, search your template for the place where the comment links are placed. Mine is down toward the bottom in the .post section (your mileage may vary) but regardless, you'll see a bunch of tags that start with "BlogItemComment".

Copy the entire contents of the "Step 2" box from the HaloScan page and paste it directly below the existing code for comment links (don't replace it).

And that's it. If you want to make it look pretty, you can work with the formatting and such in your template. Hope this helps!

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