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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'd go with Fluorescent Orange around Dick, Longhorns

Yesterday, the University of Texas Longhorns visited the White House to celebrate their National Championship. Word is that Vice President Cheney was on the premises, hopefully without a shotgun full of buckshot. However, Bevo Boys, just to be on the safe side, I'd dump the burnt orange attire for fluorescent orange, if I were you. Even though I'm an Okie, I still don't want ya to eat lead-- literally.

Meanwhile, I'm idly wondering why the quail were still so low to the ground that people would be firing levelly. I've heard that sometimes, people who run these ranch outings for bigwigs clip the wings of the quail to make them a target less like an F-15 and more like a C-130, speedwise (generations of hunters in my family, y'know). Cheney and crew certainly were sneaking up on their feathered foes, since one of the early stories stated that the hunters had stepped out of a CAR moments before.

Today it was reported that Mr. Whittington had a mild heart attack from one of the pellets lodging near his heart, and the vice president has admitted, four days later, that he was at fault in the incident, since he was the one who pulled the trigger. Let's all hope Mr. Whittington has a speedy recovery.

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At 2/15/06, 10:46 PM, Blogger Polski3 said...

Those quail they were "Hunting" were tame birds, probably never having been out of a cage in their short lives. (and that ain't huntin' as I was taught) I've hunted quail; I guess ya could walk up to one of them with a wimpy 28 gauge shotgun and 7.5 shot to blast one. What the heck is a 28 gauge shotgun anyhow? Kinda like a little 4-10? Anyhow, From my experience,you need a 12 gauge and at least 6 shot or a really solid hit with a 20 gauge to get a real wild quail down.
They are good eating.
NO excuse for shotting someone. Cheney screwed up big time. And, TX ought to be embarrassed for not issuing him a citation for illegal hunting upland game birds without the proper tag.


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