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Monday, December 26, 2005

You know, Jeb was doing great... until that last part....

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is pushing for tougher science standards in Florida schools, according to a news report I was reading about over at Assorted Stuff. It all sounded fine-- Gov. Bush was talking about how science standards for the state were due to be revised in 2007 or 2008, and that it was possible that someone would push for the inclusion of ID, and he thought the greater concern should be whether the standards were exacting enough-- until I read this last bit from the article in the Miami-Dade Herald:
The Watchdog Report asked a follow-up question: Does the governor believe in Darwin's theory of evolution?

Bush said: "Yeah, but I don't think it should actually be part of the curriculum, to be honest with you. And people have different points of view and they can be discussed at school, but it does not need to be in the curriculum.''

Just how should one teach biology without teaching the main theory regarding the development of the diversity of species? This seems a classic case of a politican waffling in the face of a really not-so-hard choice. Jeez, get a spine.


At 12/26/05, 7:29 PM, Blogger Fred said...

Jeb will be gone soon, so none of us really pay much attention to him anymore.

Except for education, he's been okay. He knows how to manage hurricances, that's for sure.

At 12/26/05, 8:01 PM, Blogger GuusjeM said...

What do you expect - look who is his brother is!

At 12/27/05, 12:01 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Yeah, I know-- I thought of all the brothers Jebbie would be the one most likely to be prez-- he certainly seems the brightest of the bunch. But oh well.

Which is why I was disappointed in his response here. He did do a great job when Katrina rolled through Florida first-- which everyone seems to forget.

The questions is, when Jebbie's gone, who will take over? I hope it's not Katherine Harris....

At 1/4/06, 9:13 PM, Anonymous Brett said...

Well, this is the same guy who went to the mat for Terri Schiavo, ignoring law and playing to a specific segment of the voting public. I guess I can't say I'm surprised he's willing to keep ID in play, or at least throw a blanket over evolution so we're all equally in the dark.

At 1/5/06, 10:08 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Yeah, THAT wasn't surprising, just repulsive. But the winner in that situation was Sen. Dr. Bill Frist diagnosing Ms. Schiavo from a video.


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