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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A request for prayers

I just got off the phone to my mother. The news about my dad is not good. Please keep Mom and Dad Cornelius in your prayers, as well as one scared, five-year-old feeling Ms. Cornelius.

Rarely in your life do people love you the way you want to be loved. The trick is to be content and happy with the love you receive and to try to do the best job loving others that you can possibly do.


At 12/20/05, 6:31 PM, Blogger Mr. C said...

My thoughts are with you and your family...

At 12/20/05, 8:43 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

I hope your Dad recovers. I will say a prayer for you and your family.


At 12/21/05, 8:30 AM, Blogger GuusjeM said...

I'm thinking of you and hope all goes well, or as well as such things possibly can

At 12/21/05, 5:17 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Thank you everyone. I just needed to vent a little.

At 12/21/05, 5:21 PM, Blogger Amerloc said...

Scary time. You have the support of our prayers as well.


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