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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Western New York: A Monster Walks Among You

So tell me WHY this fiend-in-grandpa-shape deserves to get out of prison--EVER?
A 100-year-old paedophile has been released from prison in the US despite fears he is still an "active threat" to children.

Theodore Sypnier was freed from jail in upstate New York and is being moved from a half-way house to a flat in Buffalo.

Residents say the sex offender should spend the rest of his life behind bars, and fear he will prey on youngsters in the area.

"I want him away from society as long as possible," Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita told wgrz.com.

It doesn't matter to me that he's 100-years-old. He's evil. He's a paedophile. Paedophiles are the worst.

"It doesn't matter to me that he's 100-years-old. He's evil. He's a paedophile. Paedophiles are the worst."

Sypnier was charged in 1999 with raping two young sisters, who were aged four and seven at the time.

The minister in charge of the half-way house said Sypnier has remained completely unrepentant of his crimes in counselling sessions.

Reverend Terry King said the elderly paedophile can still walk for miles and should be kept away from children.

He added: "He has been adamant that, 'I'm 100, and I'm not gonna change'."

As a Christian, I certainly will pray for this man's soul. But that doesn't mean that he should ever be allowed out of prison. EVER. There are more details in the story from the Associated Press here. Here are the highlights:

He was sent to jail ten years ago for raping and sodomizing two little girls, aged 4 and 7, and took pornographic pictures of them. He was first arrested in 1987. I suggest you go to the link so you can memorize what this monster looks like, especially if your live near Buffalo.

Even though he expressed no remorse nor has taken any responsibility for his crimes, he will walk free into society now.

Lesson? The law does NOT exist to protect society, and rape is not taken seriously as a crime against the soul as well as the body.



At 12/16/09, 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's assaulted many children, been charged for only a few of them. He's 100 hundred years old and still says that he won't change. He has assaulted how many more children than he was charged for?

Any reason why I shouldn't expect a death sentence? And soon?

It's up to us, as a society, to keep all of us safe from people like this. We should not be forced to continue to pay to keep this person alive and have him have the option for probation.

For all of you that insist that the death sentence is wrong, fine, let this guy live in your house, with your children. If he messes with them, you do time too. Clear on that? You want him to live? Let him live in your house with your kids.


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