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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Professional! Abso-friggin'-lutely!

Given that the muckity-mucks in my district think that we should mimic Australia in all things (no offense to Australia-- I would love to visit, and I think Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton-John, the young and sane Mel Gibson, and Cate Blanchett are just fabulous, although I have a hard time forgiving you for the Wiggles) I thought this was interesting, From Australia:
A "HOON" (definition here) teacher banned for tailgating a school bus, swearing at children and allowing students to stand on tables says he deserves another chance to front a classroom.

Alf Hickey, 36, hopes to overturn a Victorian Institute of Teaching ban through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Tuesday.

Mr Hickey, a woodwork teacher, was deregistered in February over a long list of bizarre behaviour during a six-month stint at Vermont Secondary College in 2007, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

A VIT hearing found Mr Hickey turned up 90 minutes late on his first day, left classes unsupervised and said "f---" when yelling at students.

It also found Mr Hickey let students stand on tables in class, did not call in sick when he failed to arrive and tailgated a school bus on a year 9 camp to Phillip Island. Mr Hickey admitted to the Sunday Herald Sun doing "wheelies" in a school car park and that a colleague had called him a "hoon" over his driving on the school camp.

But Mr Hickey said he did not do anything wrong, despite saying at the time there was "so much dust the bus driver could not have seen us".

"If I'm a hoon, they are a bunch of goons," he said.

Mr Hickey said he was "abso-friggin-lutely" a good teacher.

"If you outshine people when you come to a school, people will try to knock you down," he said.

The VIT panel has allowed Mr Hickey to reapply for his registration at any time.

But Mr Hickey said the VCAT action was a separate matter to clear his reputation.

VIT would not comment.

Mr. Hickey thinks his current situation is the result of professional jealousy and backbiting. Okay, uh-huh.

Here in the US, we are so desperate for shop teachers, I imagine that a lot would be overlooked if Mr. Hickey were to come on over. I personally have been stunned by some of the language used by coaches around here toward their players, so I'm not sure that cursing on the job is looked at seriously unless one is unsuccessful in what one does. Not that I'm okay with that, but it's simply a statement of fact.

Here is a man who can't control a classroom. A classroom filled with dangerous equipment. Why is it not obvious that he should be doing something else?



At 11/22/09, 7:04 PM, Blogger alfred angelo hickey said...

If you look at my student work on coree 77 (Vermont Secondary 2007), look for my folio alf hickey, you wll realise that the standard of work, clearly reveals, that there is no way that my kids were out of hand.

I was threatened by a principal, that if I revealed safety breaches at the school, they would take disciplinary action against me. Further he said, if I did not, they would help me get another job. All this after taking a permanent position, which they lied about from the outset (the other context).

These principals have done more than that, they claimed, that I take speed, to stay awake. These people need to be put in jail and psychos like that need to be removed from the kids.

If you would like me to tell more on the story, I would love to. No one in the media will tell my side. It is a tragic cover up for these negligent and unethical principals.

At 11/27/09, 11:32 PM, Anonymous Mandy said...

It is not appropirate to curse in the classroom and I hope I would be punished if I did so, even if my teaching was good. I have heard many stories where teacher unions protect teachers who do not need to be protected. I am not aganist teacher unions, but I think they need to get the bad teachers out and keep the good ones in.

At 1/25/10, 10:11 AM, Blogger alfred angelo hickey said...

mandy, I don't swear generally, let alone in the classroom. It is a joke that this allegation was ever raised.

At this school though, teachers consistently swear, the pcurrent principal is even recorded in minutes as swearing, as was normative for him publicly while I was there.

One incident is recorded, where I said, At Tafe, they'd tell you to fuck off. This is exactly what they would say.

This student had given me a death threat. The school refused to act on it and other extreme behaviours of specific students.

On top of this I was denied any true right of appeal in favour of lying principals. I was accused of taking drugs without evidence.

I pray God brings justice to these evil people and brings them to account for their lies.


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