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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Questions to ponder....

Does Florida not have telephone service? or email? They ought to have to give up something this time of year to make up for their idyllic weather. In fact, Floridians should be grateful that disgruntled wives can not call up the wrath of nature, or there would be a very small and localized hurricane that would hit a small part of Tampa right now.

Why would the electric company decide to cut power to the house of a temporarily single mother and her three kids while her husband is in FLORIDA when the temperature is not supposed to get out of the thirties on the day they've chosen? Why can't repairs be made in fall or spring, when it's in the sixties?

As a matter of fact, why do electrical workers leave handwritten and misspelled notes on doors asking if they can take down my fence so that they can get to an electrical box that was previously installed facing said fence instead of the other three directions facing common ground? And why can't they just OPEN the FLIPPIN' GATE that faces the electrical box? And then CLOSE IT when they're done?

Why did it take ME an hour to deal with the fallout of catching four students cheating on another teacher's assignment? And yes, the irony of this given last Sunday's post does not escape me.

Ha ha ha ha. Ha.



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