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Saturday, November 01, 2008

THIS is what I call attention to civic duty.

These people decided that a little thing like 9,000 miles keep them from voting in their first presidential election as US citizens:
A New York City couple has traveled halfway around the world in the name of civic duty.

Susan Scott-Ker and her husband arrived in New York on Wednesday after flying 9,300 miles to vote in Tuesday's presidential election.

They have been working India but decided to return to New York when their absentee ballots failed to arrive. Their trip began in Bangalore with stopovers in New Delhi and Chicago.

It will be their first time voting in a presidential election. The New Zealand-born Scott-Ker and her Morroco-born husband became American citizens a year ago.

They estimate the trip will cost $5,000.

So if they're willing to drop 5K in order to vote, will you let anything stop YOU next Tuesday? Of course, I imagine that the readers of this blog will be a united "No," but encourage all your friends and family to persevere. This election looks possibly to have record turnout. Unfortunately, that will be made worse in my state by the facts that there's about 14,000 other things on the ballot, too, but we will persevere in this house.



At 11/2/08, 5:19 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I am practically stalking my students. Several of their pre-class writing exercises have centered around the question of whether they're registered to vote, whether they know they can register on campus, and what they feel their role in America's civic life is. I bet they'll be happy when this election is over and Mrs. Chili stops hounding them about voting...

At 11/2/08, 1:53 PM, Blogger TheCrankyProfessor said...

They really care that much about local elections in NYC? Well, I'd go a long way to vote against a third term for Bloomberg, but still. The presidential race is a foregone conclusion in New York State.

At 11/3/08, 12:54 PM, Blogger Mr. McGuire said...

I wonder how those who question Barack's patriotism because he isn't a born and bred American would explain this?

At 3/2/09, 6:01 AM, Blogger sexy said...








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