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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The best Christmas presents I got this year

This one's for you, Janet.

1. A three hour nap-- no, not a three hour tour, a three hour nap.
2. The voice of Freddie Mercury. Because. "Find-- me-- somebody to lo-ove!"
3. Wineglasses. Because wine goes in them. And I don't have to work tomorrow, ha-ha!
4. Good friends!
5. Health and happiness, in spite of everything.


At 12/27/06, 8:52 AM, Blogger The MAN Fan Club said...

Friends, health and happiness is definitely a blessing that not everyone has. I do like naps, although my wife frowns upon them so I nap angrily.

At 12/28/06, 8:32 AM, Anonymous mrschili said...

Freddie Mercury was a flippin' genius!

It sounds like you had a perfectly lovely holiday! YAY!!

At 12/29/06, 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Creative answer. I love those!:)


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