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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Am I the only person who thinks this is seriously messed up?

Being a teacher and a mom hath its advantages. One, I get to spend time with the Offspring in the summer. Of course, it hath some downsides too. I get to spend time with the Offspring's TV choices. That, and I never go to the bathroom alone.

So this is one of the shows that my kids like. It's called Lazy Town. It's about how kids today are too sedentary. It was founded by an Icelandic aerobics star. Apparently, Cindy Lauper's Mini-Me plays Stephanie, another main character.

It's a TV show. About how kids veg out in front of the TV too much. To watch the show, a kid has to sit in front of the TV.

Is it just me, or is that either ironic or ridiculous?

That and the fact that the main character, played by Mr. Icelandic Aerobic Person, calls fruit "Sports Candy."

You know how people used to say that "H. R. Pufenstuff" was about drugs? Check out these outfits. I bet I know what "Sports Candy" the costumer was on. Of course this comes from the land of people like Bjork, who wears dresses that look like dead swans to award shows, so it's nice to see that that that wardrobe mistress found work after that debacle.

I find this seriously disturbing on so many levels.


At 6/11/06, 9:56 PM, Blogger Middle Manager said...

That's funny - I've never run across this program!

At 6/12/06, 12:13 AM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

It's on Nickelodeon in the morning.

It scares me.

At 6/12/06, 2:32 AM, Blogger 40 said...

My son has watched this at his daycare/sitter just about every day for a while. I walk in to pick him up and it is on. I think it is better than a normal cartoon. At least they are emphasizing exercise.

At 6/12/06, 10:03 AM, Blogger Ms. George said...

It is also this side of creepy-ville with the whole child-molester vibe I keep getting. I like the premise of exercise but that does not negate the creep factor.

At 6/12/06, 12:39 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

But see, it's kids WATCHING exercise. How does that actually count?

And then there's the idea that kids can raise the energy meter thing by standing around and yelling. If that worked for cardiovascular fitness, then there are several students I've known over the years who could run a marathon.

It's like people wjo say they love sports but never get up off their duffs.

I like the fact that Jay Leno apparently plays Robbie Rotten, though.

At 6/12/06, 7:35 PM, Anonymous MellowOut said...

Standing around and yelling? I want to join that class! I could lose three dress sizes in three hours.

And I thought "Boobah" (another odd show that aimed for more kid exercise) was scary.


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