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Thursday, January 05, 2006

C'mon SEVEN!

I’ve gotten tagged with my first meme thanks to shari L at an old soul, and I’m so excited, since Polski3 never tagged me for the weird jobs one that he made up (I was a Christmas Elf/photographer of kids sitting on Santa’s lap. Outdoors. At Utica Square. Tights can freeze to your thighs.)
Well anyway here goes:

Seven Books (Or Series) That I Love
I can read these over and over…

Anything by Robert Heinlein
Crocodile on the Sandbank, by Elizabeth Peters
Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco
Mama Makes Up Her Mind, by Bailey White
The poetry of Jane Kenyon, Howard Nemerov, or e. e. cummings
The Bertie Wooster and Jeeves series, by P. E. G. Wodehouse

Seven of my Favorite Movies (Or series)
I’m gonna cheat here—because I can!
The Princess Bride
Grosse Pointe Blank
Young Frankenstein
French Kiss
Animal House (Double Secret Probation Edition)
Sixteen Candles

The Lord of the Rings series
Star Wars IV-VI
Whale Rider
Sense and Sensibility
Dances with Wolves

Seven Things I Just Can’t Do (Or Don’t Wanna)
Stop Teaching!
Watch kids fight and not intervene
Understand why anyone, especially fiscal conservatives, voted for Bush
Drive slow
Hear out of tune music
Stop buying books
Tolerate intolerant people

Seven Things to Do Before I Die
Watch my children become happy, loving adults who want to buy mama a nice house and keep her in Thai food
Take a long vacation to New Zealand
Sing and play guitar with Neil Finn (I could easily combine these two)
Earn my PhD and/or be ordained
Move back to my hometown
Learn to speak Spanish
Earn my black belt in judo

Seven Things That Attracted Me to Blogging
The chance to toss my ideas out there into the void
The chance to learn from other people’s ideas being lobbed into the void and feeling like I’m not nuts
It’s less painful than banging my head against a wall
To really write again for the first time since the babies came
To vent in a way that won’t get me fired
Because I share everything else in my life, including pop and bathtime and my guitars and plates of lukewarm food and my lap, but this is JUST MINE
It’s cheaper and far less repugnant than therapy

Seven Things I Say Most Often
Hold on, I’m reading….
My little peanut
He’s Satan’s little minion….
Here’s fancy word to impress your parents and confuse your friends….
Holy crap! NOW what?

Seven Impractical Things I Think Would Be Really Cool Anyway
Sitting as a student at the feet of Jesus, the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates, and Esther
Teachers making more money and being given more respect than Tino Martinez;
To create a special “tip jar” where a teacher could put in ten bucks and say what really needs to be said to parents, students, or administrators with impunity—teachers would be poor, but stroke-free;
Making learning the only priority in education!
To be Professor McGonagall
Make my car invisible to radar and immune to idiot drivers
My own spaceship

And I’m gonna tag…
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At 1/5/06, 9:15 AM, Blogger Amerloc said...

Gee. Thanks. I'll get right on it.

At 1/5/06, 12:57 PM, Blogger Amerloc said...


At 1/5/06, 7:51 PM, Blogger GuusjeM said...

Tag, I' it! But it won't catch me till this weekend - I am suffering from first week back at work exhaustion!

At 1/5/06, 8:28 PM, Blogger EdWonk said...

I can't tell you how many times that I've though that my district Superintendent Dr. Evil has resembled Dean Vernon Wormer. :-)

At 1/5/06, 9:47 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Oh, Wonk, NOW I've got a picture. It's very clear.

Should we be getting out a blowtorch and taking it to a beat-up Caddy?

Amerloc, it took me a whole day. You were pretty quick there.

Guusjem, I KNOW that exhaustion. I just took a two and a half hour nap. I'll regret that later tonight when I can't sleep.

At 1/5/06, 10:18 PM, Anonymous k said...

>>To be Professor McGonagall<<

Oh, YEAH!!! :-)))

At 1/8/06, 7:18 PM, Blogger Polski3 said...

Oh thanks.....this meme requires a lot of thought !!!!!

At 1/9/06, 4:15 PM, Blogger Mr. C said...

Ooh, my first tag! I'm going to have to think about this.
(Sorry it took so long to respond... Vegas, you know!)


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