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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And this one is from Oklahoma. AND a former teacher. So proud.

Oklahoma State representative Sally Kern. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Crazy Politician number 2. Well worth the entertainment value, although apparently her numbnut remarks have garnered attention even Across the Pond at The Daily Mail:
Outspoken Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern has caused outrage by making both racist and sexist remarks during a state House debate on Wednesday night.

The House met to discuss a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate affirmative action from state government.

During the debate, Republican Kern said minorities earn less money than white people because they are not willing to work as hard.

She also insulted her own sex, saying they earned less than men because they want to have more leisure time.

Speaking about black people she said: 'Is this just because they are black that they are in prison, or could it be because they didn't want to work hard in school.

'I taught school for 20 years and I saw a lot of people of colour that didn't want to work as hard. They wanted it given to them.

'Matter of fact, I had one student who said to me I don't need to study. You want to know why? The government's going to take care of me. That's kind of revealing there.'

Speaking about women, she said they earn less because they 'tend to think more about their family, wanting to stay at home more, wanting to be with their family, have more leisure time.'

But less than a day later the representative backtracked, apologising for her comments, and released a statement which was a complete reversal of her views from the night before.

She said: 'I want to humbly apologize for my statements last night about African Americans and women. I believe that our government should not provide preference based on race or gender.

'I misspoke while trying to convey this point last night during debate. Women are some of the hardest workers in the world. My husband is a pastor of a diverse inner-city church and the way that my words came out last night is certainly not my true spirit.'

The Oklahoma Democratic Party took the opportunity to retaliate and use her comment against Republicans as a whole by saying: ''Rep Sally Kern's comments on the House Floor this evening in regards to SJR15 shows that discrimination is far from dead and affirmative action is still necessary in our great state.

'It saddens and angers me that the women and minorities of Oklahoma are represented by such bigotry and outright ignorance.

'This rhetoric will drive new businesses and new jobs from our state. All no votes on this bill will stand on the right side of history.'

The proposed constitutional amendment passed the House by a vote of 59 - 14. The Senate already passed the amendment. Oklahomans will vote on it next year.

Yeah, I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but when we get home after work it's ANYTHING but leisure time for either the Husbandly Unit or myself.

Oh, and hey! I hear she has a book out! It's called The Stoning of Sally Kern! (I swear I can't make this stuff up!) You know, drug use probably WOULD explain a lot here. What? You didn't mean that kind of "stoned?"




At 7/13/11, 9:35 AM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

I love it when politicians get up and say they misspoke, or whatever, after having said what they really thought in their miserable little hearts. I certainly hope people take from it precisely what you did.

I've been teaching in a trailer behind our building for almost two years. Maybe three years ago Bloomberg said he would get rid of trailers by 2012. Then he "clarified," explaining he would not.

It must be great to be a politician, able to say any damn thing, and just hope people forget before November rolls around.

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