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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This made me smile:
Mila Kunis earned major street cred (like she needed any more) by apparently accepting an invitation from a fan to this year’s Marine Corps Ball. Sgt. Scott Moore, who is stationed with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qalain, Afghanistan, took a leap of faith when he posted a quick video on YouTube last week asking the Friends with Benefits star to the annual soiree.

According to Fox411, a reporter asked Kunis at a recent event if she’d seen the video. She hadn’t, but Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake vowed to make it his mission to get her to view the viral invitation, urging, “You need to do it for your country!”

Eventually Kunis has gladly accepted, saying on the red carpet, “I’ll do it.” The event will be held in Greenville, North Carolina, this November 18.

If you click on the link, you can see Sgt. Moore's video asking Ms. Kunis to go with him.

Big props to Ms. Kunis (and to Justin Timberlake for bringing it to her attention!)

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