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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life by the numbers...

Today's tally?

Classes taught: Five.
Really good class discussions: Five.
Conversations with APs: Four.
Faculty meetings: One.
Cellphones confiscated in class: Two.
Referrals for insubordination during hall duty: Two.
Number of students who see me in the hallway and start patting their chests to make sure their IDs are on: Six.
Number of students told to pull up their pants: Four.
Hoodies confiscated because both I and an AP told a kid to take his hood off his head: One.
Novel excuse for intransigence on taking hoodie off head: (Tie, and from the same kid) "But I'm a freshman...." and claiming not to know who his AP is or where his office is even though he's been there on several referrals.
Number of kids that I suspect are on something: Two.
Number of kids who SHOULD be on medication but are not: Four.
Dumbass comments made to me by Redneck Mother, my department chair: Two.
Number of sick kids who inflicted their germs on us and came to school anyway: Nine.
Number of students giving me props in the hallway: Eleven, and gratefully received.
Laughs: Seven.
Naps in the evening: One.



At 1/9/08, 3:39 PM, Anonymous Hula Doula said...

See...you are making a difference

At 1/9/08, 11:32 PM, Blogger Polski3 said...

: - )


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