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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here's Zoey 102: Don't have sex at 15, you daft little thing!

I hearby announce a temporary abeyance of any anti-Spears postings rule (and look how good I've been, too!) to bring you this little tale:

Yesterday, Preteen Daughter insisted that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

"Oh no, Ducks, that's just gossip!" I firmly responded.

This morning? After spitting the morning mouthful of tea halfway across the room over the morning paper, I had to eat crow. THAT was a wonderful conversation, lemme tell ya.

Luckily, PTD is still honestly barfed out by the idea of this activity. I hope that lasts at least a few more days-- and I hope she doesn't start thinking that this kind of stuff is no big deal or even cute.

So now, the incredibly fecund Spears girls have proved that they really don't teach about self control OR birth control down in Louisiana. This is also a great lesson (reinforced by Michael Vick and Paris Hilton) that having loads of money and lucky breaks thrown your way certainly do not ensure that one could be hit by the Great Flying Brick o' Common Sense upside the head.

But in a surprising move, Super Mommy Lynn Spears' book on parenting has been placed on hold indefinitely. That's good. Because I don't think the world needs any more advice on how to become wealthy by dint of your children whom you then allow to prance around looking like a child sex worker just to sell a bunch of vapid CDs and then you wonder how they got "in trouble."

Of course, neither one of these girls got this way without some help. Let's hear it for the impregnators, shall we?

I am just disgusted.

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At 12/22/07, 8:26 AM, Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

I couldn't have said it any better myself. You should have heard the comments of disgust and horror in the teacher lounge this week when this subject came up.


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