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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Number 6

(Apparently thursday thirteen is closing down, right when I was just getting started, so here's my stripped down list in mourning:)

Thirteen things I want to see before I die:

1. New Zealand-- all of it.
2. A Crowded House reunion concert- woo-hoo!
3. Japan-- especially the temple in Kyoto and the Kodokan
4. The Rift Valley of Africa
5. The Great Barrier Reef on Australia's east coast
6. The Louvre in Paris-- of course.
7. Mt. Kilimanjaro
8. Tibet-- a free, independent Tibet, at that
9. Fiji
10. Ayer's Rock in Australia
11. Greece
12. A summer Olympics
13. The US Virgin Islands

Where would you like to go?


At 2/22/07, 6:36 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

I'll join you on numbers 1,5 & 6.
I just started this TT thing, too. I think we're all in mourning. I hope someone decides to pick up the idea.

At 2/22/07, 6:37 PM, Blogger Raggedy said...

*waving hands frantically
I want to go to OZ so bad.
Great TT
Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

At 2/22/07, 7:06 PM, Blogger Bubba said...

Where do I want to go? Everywhere...lol. Two years ago I got to go to the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas)...and it was so beautiful.

Happy TT...hopefully we can all find another meme to take its place.

At 2/22/07, 7:38 PM, Anonymous mrschili said...

There's nothing that says you can't make your OWN Thursday Thirteen. Blaze your own trail, Ms. C!!

I really, really want to go to Scotland. I'm nearly 100% Scots: I've got MacLeod on one side and MacPherson on the other, with some Fraser thrown in for good measure. I feel an almost otherworldly pull toward the homeland of my ancestors...

At 2/22/07, 7:47 PM, Anonymous Christine said...

I am new to TT as well. This marked week #3 - so I too am mourning. Love this list. Would love to see Paris, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. I've been to Greece, Japan and Nepal (not quite Tibet I know). I'm all about books this week. Have a great weekend!

At 2/22/07, 9:00 PM, Blogger Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Where's Norway? Or have you already been? That's the first place I want to go out of the U.S.

At 2/22/07, 9:38 PM, Blogger Minerva said...

Hey there,
Teacher here too but in London... and like you love it and hate it..

Lovely to meet you and I really like the way you write..


At 2/22/07, 10:13 PM, Blogger Di said...

#6...the Louvre. Sorry...but my husband and I ran in, paid our respects to Mona and were off to find a local spot to hang out and drink with Parisians. Weird...but that's our thing!

At 2/22/07, 11:54 PM, Blogger Teaching Sagittarian said...

You would just love New Zealand. It is very beautiful here. The North Island is better than the South Island - but then I'm just biased! We would love to have you visit here. Let me know when you're coming!

At 2/23/07, 3:03 PM, Blogger Ms. George said...

My cousin did her student teaching in New Zealand and had an awesome time.
I would second all of your places and add that I would love to go back to the UK again. Of course, I would like to retire there someday so maybe I'll get lucky.
I was so psyched I had a post all ready for the TT and when I saw they were closing down, I was sad. It was fun while it lasted.

At 2/24/07, 10:26 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I've been to Japan, and it was wonderful. I have been to Scotland-- I'm a Graham.

Ireland was also fabulous.

I am actually kind of obsessed to see New Zealand-- If I could combine that with a Crowded House concert, that would be the ULTIMATE!

Y'know, another good TT would be IMAGINARY places we would love to visit.

Maybe we can keep the meme going as a kind of populist movement.

At 2/24/07, 10:52 PM, Blogger QuakerDave said...

Where do I want to go?

- Aberdeen, land of my forefathers.

- London, to Arsenal's new stadium, for a match against Tottenham, Chelsea, or the Manure (Manchester United). It's a soccer thing.

- Back to Bermuda, preferably to live there forever...

At 2/25/07, 8:37 AM, Blogger Superdestroyer said...

I would recommend trying to visit all fifty states. I am currently stuck on 49.


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