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Monday, March 13, 2006

Movie Madness Monday: Revenge of the Madness

Once again it's time to play Movie Madness Monday. Here's the deal: I provide a few opening salvoes of quotes from a movie. You provide other quotes from the same movie. I will tell you the name of the movie on Wednesday. You can still post quotes after that time, though.

The goal? To get some of my lurkers to delurk and to amuse my constant playmates here.

This one may be a bit tricky-- it's older than any of the others I've done so far. But that's good for ya. And here we go!

"There'll be no locks and bolts between us Mary Kate--except for those in your mercenary little heart."

"Could you use a little water in your whiskey?"
"When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey. When I drink water, I drink water."

"Well, it's a nice soft night, so I think I'll go join me comrades and talk a little treason."

"Is this a courtin' or a donnybrook? Have the good manners not to hit the man until he's your husband and can hit you back."

"He'll regret it till his dying day, if he ever lives that long."

"Two women in the house-- and one of them a redhead!"

****WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Yes, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the movie is: The Quiet Man!

One of my favorites any time of year, but especially now. If you have not seen this one, you've missed out on John Wayne in a role more well-rounded than any he did with the exception of Rooster Cogburn. Humor. Action. Romance. Ireland. It's got it all.

"Marquis of Queensbury Rules!"

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At 3/13/06, 5:51 PM, Blogger Polski3 said...

I'll take a shot here.... something sounds like a John Wayne flick.....NORTH TO ALASKA ? or maybe that one where he lived in the South Seas?

At 3/13/06, 5:55 PM, Anonymous k said...

Not a clue!

At 3/13/06, 6:03 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Polski is correct about the actor, but not the flicks.

Hint: What incredibly important holiday is this week?

At 3/13/06, 7:26 PM, Blogger Amerloc said...

"Okay.Woman of the house,where's ma tae."

I love the old ones.

At 3/13/06, 7:27 PM, Blogger Amerloc said...


At 3/13/06, 7:41 PM, Anonymous Jeri McFadden said...

John Wayne, of course. And Maureen O'Hara. He's a Yank come back home to Ireland; she's the one feisty enough for him. Ohh, I love that movie -- her hair blowing, the horses racing, the bed breaking! "The Quiet Man" of course.

At 3/13/06, 8:05 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Jeri McFadden-- You got the movie (shhhh!) but where's your quote! You gotta have a ticket if you wanna see the show! (Now that's a different movie entirely!)

Husband:"Woman of the house! I bring the brother home for supper!"
Brother:"God bless all in this house!"
Wife:"Wipe your feet!"
Brother:"Yes, mum."

At 3/14/06, 12:58 AM, Anonymous MellowOut said...

"Mind you, I'm fresh as a daisy!"

"You look more like a black-eyed susan to me."

At 3/15/06, 6:42 AM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

"Just a good stretch of the legs!"

At 3/22/06, 1:54 AM, Blogger Bybee said...

I finally saw The Quiet Man after years and years. I never thought of the Duke as having sex appeal before, but Maureen O'Hara gives him that appeal in this movie. She was obviously a magically gifted actress. My favorite quote is something like "Impetuous...Homeric!" (I'm quoting from a notoriously bad memory)


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