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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now?????

Hallelujah!!! I got my latest cell phone bill, and this is the most incredible thing that I have ever posted, but I swear that it's true: My latest bill was $1.90 BELOW the amount to which I agreed in the contract. Including tax. $37.05 instead of $39.95. I swear.

Sorry, Fred, but it's true. I used to have the guys that constantly chant "Can you hear me now?" but they didn't hear me when I complained about a coverage hole right over my house. Before that, I had the guys who "Never stop working for you," but apparently they only worked for me when they could figure out how to triple the charges. I also was the victim of an advantage, which ended up being Singularly expensive when I received a $380 bill right before Christmas for roaming after a trip to Chicago, even though my plan had no roaming charges. After 5 hours on the phone and speaking to 19 different alleged oxymoronic "customer service" reps, I finally got one who would agree to give me my money back-- after 10 days more waiting. By the way, the last guy to whom I spoke, Mr. Honesty, told me to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do autopay for your cell phone bill, since you'll never see your money back in a dispute.

See, I knew Joan Cusack could never lie to you. Anyone who can play the girl in the brace (Geek Girl #1) in Sixteen Candles to Marcella in Grosse Pointe Blank to Jessie the Singing Cowgirl in Toy Story can get me to part with my hard-earned greenbacks.



At 10/11/05, 9:29 PM, Blogger Talia said...

USCellular, huh? I usually hear a lot of good things about them. That's a good thing, considering I work for the company that handles their cell phone insurance. The only time I hear a complaint, it's usually when someone didn't read their insurance policy and thinks they get a free phone no matter what they do to it (including dropping into their meth mixture). At any rate, they seem like decent people - the kind that will actually loan a phone to you while you're waiting for the replacement to come in. The Reps themselves tend to be overall friendlier and more helpful. Good choice ;-)

At 10/11/05, 9:31 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I know I'm being WAYYY too giddy. But dare I grasp at straws? This is only bill #2. Let's hope for the best, and, as they say in the movies, hang on to our butts!

At 10/11/05, 10:59 PM, Blogger Talia said...

Hang on tight! ;-) I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with them. Something you might like to know: As a customer service rep, we get a lot of pissed-off customers (and usually, rightfully so). That means that we usually have to transfer them to their carrier, because we're never in the wrong, of course *wink wink nudge nudge* At any rate, we quickly memorize the 800#s for the carrier ... except USCellular. Never memorized their's because I rarely ever used it.

Blah blah, off my soap box


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