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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Parent teacher confences: appreciating the love

So we had our own parent teacher conferences, and, like with everything in life, therer was the rough and the smooth. It took a while, but I finally reminded myself that there was a whole lot more smooth than rough.

First, the smooth: how many parents popped by just to tell me that they appreciated my hard work or that their kid tells them stories I told them in class or that their kid has never actually spent so much time studying for a class and yet enjoying themselves. Four of last year's kids' parents came by to tell me that they had gotten into the college they wanted, and to thank me for the recommendation letters, and one mom hugged me tight enough to crack a rib not once but twice. That was really nice.

Now, at the end was the parent who lies about what I do and say about once a week. He demanded that I do all sorts of things to appease him, and I politely but firmly refused even while he lied to my face four times in fifteen minutes. He huffed off after that, and I did regret the fact that this was how it went down. He then told my principal that I had "bullied" him (look up the definition of bullying, and you will see that that was what he has been attempting to do to me all year, but okay, whatever. I guess I won't be on the Christmas card list.

But you know, you have to out things in perspective. Thirty really great conferences. One mediocre confence, and one pretty tense one. Overall, this is not bad; in fact, it is pretty darn good. In fact, that weekend, I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for the Hubster to meet me for dinner when the barkeep told me my drinks were on the house, and I looked around, and there were two-- TWO--of my kids' parents raising the glass to me! I mean, awkward, but also really sweet!!!

So you know, yiu take thd rough with the smooth. And you accept the free merlot, too. And be thankful.



At 4/7/11, 8:07 PM, Blogger Ms Characterized said...

You deserve a glass! Congrats on the conferences.

At 4/19/11, 7:50 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

Wow. You actually get parents who show up!

At 5/30/11, 7:47 PM, Blogger EHT said...

Free merlot.....I'm impressed. :)


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