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Saturday, April 28, 2007

School bus driver assaulted

Once I had a principal who thought it would be a great idea if I and some other teachers got our bus driver's credentials to save the school district some money on field trips. I refused to even consider the idea, since driving a multi-ton vehicle down freeways while kids shout and goof around behind is not really my cup o' tea. This report reminds me why that was a good decision:
(TULSA, Okla.) April 27 - A Tulsa school bus driver is recovering at home after being attacked by a student.

Paramedics say the driver suffered a concussion this morning outside East Central High School.

On the way to the school, the bus driver says some students were acting rowdy and he asked them to move to the front of the bus.

When they arrived, one student started arguing with the driver about what happened.

He asked the student to leave the bus, that's when she turned around and hit him in the head with a perfume bottle.

School officials say the bus has a camera on board but they're not yet sure if it was recording.

Officials say the driver from this morning should be applauded for his conduct and his professionalism during the incident.

Officers are still investigating the case, so no word on any charges.

Officials from the school say they will handle the issue according to the Tulsa Public Schools' code of student conduct.

District officials call this a "rare case."

Bus drivers are trained to avoid conflicts with students or parents, including strict rules on not fighting back.

And by the way, I'd like to thank district officials for publicizing the fact that Tulsa school bus drivers are sitting targets who must take being struck on the skull with glass objects. Great decision.

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At 4/30/07, 5:55 PM, Blogger Mister Teacher said...

Yeah, if that had been me driving the bus, that student would have, shall we say, a very fine smelling colon right about now.

At 4/30/07, 7:28 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

Two years ago, not too far from where I teach, school bus driver Joyce Gregory was murdered by a student when she stopped to pick him up. There's a movement afoot to honor school bus drivers with a stamp (http://www.schoolbusdriverstamp.com/) and Joyce Gregory's story is a big part of this campaign. All the bus drivers in our area, and many cars, sport black ribbon magnets with "Remember Joyce Gregory". It's awful what school bus drivers go through - it's a job I couldn't do.

At 5/2/07, 12:02 AM, Blogger Carolyn Foote said...


Equally fascinating as the response the governor of my fine state, Rick Perry, to the issue of guns on campus--


You have to read it to believe it.


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