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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

School suspends student over hair grown for donation

This is absolutely moronic:
The board of a Flint-area charter school refused Wednesday evening to relent on its insistence that a high school student cut or restyle his long hair before allowing him to return to classes.

Instead, the board of Madison Academy offered four options to 17-year-old J.T. Gaskins and his mother, Christa Plante, during a meeting with the pair.

The options: Gaskins could trim his hair as originally requested; he could braid it, get a perm or any other styling to help him comply with the rules; he could transfer to another school; or organize a fundraiser for the charity.

"We would like to have J.T. return tomorrow," board president Nicholas Mihailoff said. "We feel like we're presenting four very reasonable options."

Plante said after the meeting she was exhausted and needed time to evaluate her options to "make the best decision for everybody."

She told board she would let them know if Gaskins will be attending class Thursday, Mihailoff said.

Gaskins, a senior at the school, has been suspended for more than a week for violating the school's dress code. He has been growing his hair out since the holidays to donate it to Locks of Love, a charity that helps make wigs for cancer patients.

The academy's policy requires male students to keep their hair clean, neat and off the collar.

Read the whole thing.

If he was a girl, of course, there would be no issue. Apparently, this charter school wants to be excused from exercising charity, compassion, good judgment and empathy.

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At 2/2/12, 4:55 AM, Blogger kherbert said...

I don't think schools should regulate the length of boys hair. I don't care what their reason for long hair is.

Should we require that girls have hair that is at least X inches long?

BTW Locks of love does not give wigs to cancer patients. They provide/sell them to children with long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

At 2/2/12, 5:27 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

This is yet another in a long and discouraging string of things that demonstrate that people ARE NOT THINKING. I am astounded, horrified, and mostly saddened by the number of times I see people steadfastly defending COMPLETELY indefensible positions like they were true believers. I hate it.

At 2/18/12, 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But it's the school rule. Just because he has an altruistic reason for breaking the rule doesn't mean he should be allowed to do so. If this student is allowed to push this rule and win, when will it stop? This student agreed when he enrolled to follow the school dress code. He should be forced to do so or transfer schools.

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