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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I am keeping a running count of how long it has been since I have the principal out of her office. We are now on day...

And how long has it been since I have seen her in my hallway? We are now on day

And while that may be happy times for me, I am not so sure it equals happy times for her. In my experience, a disappearing principal always is a sign of trouble, not to mention that one gets completely out of touch with the tenor of the school. Unless that is what one wants....

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At 11/4/10, 6:20 PM, Blogger OKP said...

I think you've inspired me to keep my own tally!

At 11/4/10, 6:38 PM, Anonymous Mrs. H. said...

Oh...administrators are supposed to be out in the hallway and present in their schools? They aren't supposed to be gone all the time at meetings or holed up in their office staring at data and dreaming up ways to put more responsibility on others while less is placed on them?

At 11/4/10, 7:17 PM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

Love Mrs. H's comment. I think it depends on just who the principal is. Some are better left in their offices, hogtied if at all possible.

At 11/8/10, 8:52 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I agree, NYC. But it is not healthy for anyone NEVER to see the principal, even if it is just to rattle around to the loo or bus duty.

And I did see our principal in the hallway today. I received a complement on my sweater. Hee.

At 11/9/10, 7:27 PM, Blogger Lightly Seasoned said...

Mine drops by to chat at 6:45am.

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