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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Musing Open Thread 6: Gag me with a spoon

Okay, so today I was looking at a kid's paper and there was a long, crusty booger on it. I nonchalantly got it off with a kleenex while inwardly suppressing a heave. So.... I'm gonna go there.

For your consideration: what is one of the grossest things with which you have had to deal as a teacher? Let's try to walk the line without actually inducing any technicolor yawns. Remember, euphemisms are our FRIENDS.

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At 8/24/10, 3:50 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I taught for 3 years middle school special ed, mostly kids that were all around low performing (2nd/3rd grade level at 14/15) without any recognized handicap. Anyway, one day M. a 15 year old girl, informed me that she had a problem: "It's leaking" she told me. I told her she could go the the bathroom to deal with her monthly aggravation, but she explained that it has leaked enough that she didn't want to stand in front of the other students. So after the bell rings, I let out the others and only then does she get up and leave. And that's when I saw the butt sized stain the leak she had left behind on her seat.
never told me cleaning THAT was part of the job description ...

At 8/24/10, 5:30 PM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

Thankfully, nothing comes to mind that rivals your tale.

At 8/24/10, 10:28 PM, Blogger Dan Edwards said...

In my 26 completed years of teaching, I have had two students throw up in class. I was thankful that neither event set off a chain reaction of retching..... boogers....seems every few years at my JHS there is someone, usually a boy, who wipes boogers on his desk for the next person to find.....

At 8/25/10, 5:09 AM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I once had a kid with the same problem as Mountainmums, and her problem was how to get up and get to the nurse's office. Solution: I got a hoodie, nonchalantly wrapped it around her waist, and when she got up she tied it around her middle and off she went. Voila! Luckily, no visible mess on the seat, although I did get out the disinfecting wipes when the class had gone.

At 8/29/10, 8:21 AM, Blogger A Phillie Teacher said...

I taught a special ed. class with a variety of "behavior challenges."

One boy in particular liked to spit - not at people, but secretly, on surfaces that might not be discovered until long after class was over. Ohhh what he did to my bulletin boards :p

To top it off, I found out after he graduated that he had found a job maintaining the salad bar at the local supermarket. Think I ever bought salad stuff there again? Not on your life!


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