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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in the saddle again....

School’s – Back – in—Session!!! BAH BababaBAH bababaBAH bababaBWABWAH!

All Apologies to Alice Cooper (and Kurt Cobain), but we’re back in it.

I have accomplished everything on my to-do list, making sure I got to:

1. Justify my teaching bona fides to administrator who taught for an amount of time just longer than it took Han Solo to program the jump to lightspeed? CHECK.

2. Humiliate myself in front of all my colleagues and district employees in school-year kickoff skit? CHECK. (If only laughing your butt off actually worked….)

3. Made sure I got punished for being able to get through last year without being screamed at by last year’s sensitive-and-misunderstood boy by being given his two siblings since I “seem to be able to work with the family?” CHECK.

4. Spent tons of money on supplies for my classroom because we each get only $70 and we don’t get paid for four weeks? CHECK.

5. Got the news that our district didn’t make AYP because of kids with IEPs and communication arts—like that is a surprise when you’ve got IEPs that NEVER attempt to move kids toward meeting the standard of writing on grade level? CHECK.

6. Found out that during the summer, the tech staff arbitrarily changed all of our passwords to the school server to make us not use the default (who ARE these people??) and now have to deal with the fact that we are only able to change the new default passwords on machines that run an operating system that none of us have? CHECK.

Ahhhh, yes. Glad to be back!

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At 9/4/05, 6:03 PM, Blogger graycie said...

You don't say where you teach -- but I'll bet its in my district!!!!

We have a new super (hmph) who told us that we are the best teachers on earth, and that HE has the plan (involving enormous amounts of paperwork) to show us how to stop being the incompetent, lazy, reluctant, carping slugs that we are.

Our principal believes that teaming with freshman students (necessary!) interferes with paperwork, so my "team" shares less than half the students.

My new parking place is 1/4 mile (really -we have a big campus) from my classroom. I no longer am responsioble to the principal of my building -- My guy is four buildings away. I have to sign in and out of there every day on time; get my supplies (snicker) from there, get stuff from my mailbox there, and (worst of all) my kids' lockers are there even though most of their classes are in the same physical location as my room.

It's nice to feel the love.

I swear, blogs of other teachers are what will get me through this year. Thanks for yours!


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