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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oooh!!! A SPUTNIK moment!!!!!

Yeah right. And Schools Matter hits it right on the detonator again. You should go read this.

Go to this link to read the take on President Obama's remarks on education in the SOTU address.

Thanks to NYC Educator for pointing the way.

Really, once again, I know President Obama thinks he means well, but when your education dilettante advisors have nothing but contempt for those of us in the trenches, you DO just get tired after a while of the same ol' playing to stereotypes.

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At 1/27/11, 11:07 AM, Blogger NYC Educator said...

I know he thinks he means well, as does everyone, but who is his well-meaning directed at? Working people? The middle class?

More likely Bill Gates, for my money, because Bill has more money than I do. Hardly why I voted for a Democrat as President. They don't make Democrats like they used to, if you ask me.

At 2/11/11, 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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