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Sunday, December 16, 2007

V for Visine, A for Assault

And then there's this, from Wyoming.
Police in Cheyenne say a junior high school teacher was hospitalized Monday after a student put Visine eyedrops into her drink as a prank.

Police identified the victim as 58-year-old Jo L. Miyamoto, a teacher at Johnson Junior High.

She went to the emergency room for treatment, spent the night in the hospital and was released late Tuesday.

A school receptionist said Miyamoto was back in the classroom on Thursday.

Police say that some popular movies have shown that spiking a person's drink with Visine is just a prank that can give the person diarrhea.

However, police say ingesting Visine in fact can have very serious health effects, including possibly sending the person into a coma.

Police say they intend to have the Cheyenne District Attorney's Office review the matter when their report is complete.

Okay, one? what movies are these people talking about? I know I don't get out much, but jeez....

Two-- never leave your drink unattended in your classroom. A colleague of mine recently had a kid spit in his coffeecup while he had his back turned. Luckily, the other students in the class violated the "no snitchin'" credo and immediately warned him before he got anywhere near to drinking out of it. But still-- Oh. My. God.

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At 12/16/07, 12:05 PM, Blogger Imoen Grace said...

The movie is "Wedding Crashers." Owen Wilson's character slips some Visine into another guy's drink hoping to spend some time with girlfriend. The guy spends the night in the bathroom...

At 12/16/07, 2:12 PM, Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Jee, I must have gone to get some popcorn at that point. Just as well.

At 12/16/07, 5:14 PM, Blogger Lady Strathconn said...

Someone just used it to make someone sick on CSI Miami.

Another reason I love second grade. They would never think of that.

At 12/23/07, 10:40 PM, Blogger QuakerDave said...

Your second graders are watching "Wedding Crashers." Believe it.

Buy a mug with a lid. Use it. That's what I did.

This is an assault, and should be treated by the authorities as such.


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